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Il ristoro con Burde

Il Ristoro con Burde is the restaurant located in the "limonaia" (lemon greenhouse) of the historic residence. From the collaboration with Da Burde 1901, a historic icon of florentine cuisine, comes this immersive journey to discover traditional tuscan dishes.

Immersion in the most authentic Tuscany

With a panoramic view of the Chianti hills, the Il ristoro con Burde hosts breakfasts, lunches and dinners for all occasions. An environment where we serve you truth and substance, full of respect for the territory that hosts us, its stories and its products.

This is the experience that will complete your stay at Palagina: entrust yourself to the contemporary taste of our chef Eros Ghezzo and savour the explosion of flavours of local ingredients. Recipes only succeed if made with love.

The dining room

A breathtaking view, minimal equipment and a casual atmosphere. These are the qualities that the dining location Il ristoro con Burde.

We'll seat you in the bright "limonaia" (lemon greenhouse) overlooking the pools and rows of vines and, when the summer season is at its peak, also outdoors on the adjacent terrace and in the garden.

As you admire vineyards and olive groves cooled by the breeze that always blows through these hills, you will enjoy the true tuscan food and wine experience, an intense, convivial moment that is unique and unforgettable.

The cuisine

Eros Ghezzo, our chef, and his staff will take you on this culinary journey of old-fashioned flavors. The care in the choice of raw materials, local and seasonal, and the skillful proposal of traditional dishes revisited with a contemporary style, is what distinguishes the cuisine of Palagina.

You'll find true cornerstones on our table: the Bistecca Fiorentina will always be the queen of our main courses, fighting over the throne with the spicy Peposo. A board of salumi and crostini, a first course of pappardelle aglione and truffle, what else do you choose from the menu?


A proposal for a high-quality gastronomic experience that allows guests to enjoy the Tuscan countryside landscape while tasting the rural specialties of the house.
It aims to emphasize the connection with nature and the surrounding scenery starting from the products of the farm itself, such as wine, oil, and honey.
Burde will set up a menu that partially changes with the seasons, using fresh and organic ingredients grown on the farm and in Tuscany in general, with particular attention to SlowFood presidia.
The main experience will be the opportunity to dine outdoors, using the large terrace where guests can enjoy the views of the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, under the starry sky at night and during the day under awnings and umbrellas to enjoy the surrounding greenery.

The wine cellar

With Da Burde 1901's 100 years of experience and our passion for natural wines, the cellar becomes a truly sparkling place!

The selection of more than 100 labels rounds out the restaurant's offerings and allows experts and amateurs alike to always encounter something that piques the interest. Whether you are a traveler in search of new tastes or an over-the-top palate, stop by us at the gates of Chanti.

When you aren’t here, we can be there.

Visit our online shop to explore a full range of our products. So even if you can’t be here with us at Palagina, Palagina can be with you – keep us in your heart and in your home.