Farm Produce

Enhancement of the area and family unity are the founding ideals of Fattoria La Palagina.

We produce wine, vin santo dessert wine, oil, honey and other delights typical of Tuscany and the land in which we sink our roots: Chianti.

Our products are ideal for use at table on a daily basis or to give as a gift for a special occasion.

Discover the fruits of our labours in the countryside!

White Wine

This is the latest product created on the estate and is the only one that is not closely linked to the Tuscan tradition. Cold processing, the use of nothing but stainless steel and repeated battonage enhance this grape variety's characteristics. This white wine's fresh notes of yellow fruit and citrus go well with dishes based on vegetables and fish. Our white wine is also perfect for a refreshing break during the summer.

Rosé Wine

The company's decision to produce a rosé from Sangiovese grapes represents a good combination of the traditional typical Tuscan grape variety and innovation. The skins of Sangiovese are left to macerate with the must for only a few hours; after separation, the cold fermentation begins, using selected yeasts which are able to enhance the notes of fresh red berry fruit.

This wine should be drunk between 9 and 10° C and is the ideal choice for aperitifs and finger food; it goes well with cheese, cold cuts and vegetables but don’t dismiss it as an accompaniment to a margherita pizza!

Chianti DOCG Wine

The emblem of the local tradition: its red colour with ruby reflections displays all the typical characteristics of the vineyard from which it derives, sangiovese. Pigeage is carried out during fermentation to obtain a wine with typical local aromas. To further enhance the characteristics of the original grape variety, processes are only carried out in stainless-steel containers. Chianti DOCG is a fresh wine which has not undergone long aging and needs to be served at room temperature (between 10 and 12°C). It goes well with typical Tuscan dishes, such as pasta al sugo, Tuscan ribollita soup and bistecca alla fiorentina.

Chianti DOCG Riserva

This wine is obtained from the best of the Chianti DOCG; it is round on the palate and it has

a deep red colour which is almost impenetrable to light. It is aged in French oak, in which malolactic fermentation takes place, and the wood confers on it the hint of underlying spicy notes. The tertiary notes are lighter because casks are used for aging instead of barrels, so that the characteristics of the grape variety stand out on the palate and not those of the wood. The Riserva should be served at room temperature (between 12 and 14°C), goes well with game, red meat and, more generally, with typical traditional Tuscan dishes.

La Palagina Laudemio

Laudemio is synonymous with the highest quality: this prestigious brand represents the great Tuscan oil craft. The production of Laudemio requires the following of strict rules; the oil is subjected to strict quality control and the entire production process is monitored with the utmost care, from the selective harvesting to the extraction, which has to takes place in cold conditions. Another indispensable part of the production is the bottling, with which we ensure the product's correct storage. In order to use the Laudemio brand, our oil is also made with the best hand-picked olives, brought to the mill on the day of collection. This oil is distinguished by its intense, brilliant green colour and its characteristic taste spicy taste.

La Palagina extra virgin olive oil

The olives we use to produce this oil are 100% Tuscan and come from our estate. The pressing takes place at an early age in terms of full ripening; the olives are in fact crushed within twelve hours of collection in order to enhance all their qualities. The fruity, harmonious flavour of our oil is thus produced with its typical sharp note. The extra virgin olive oil is suitable as a condiment and also enhances the traditional humble Tuscan dishes.

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