• The farm

    The Estate

    The Fattoria La Palagina, in the heart of Tuscany, is a place of many souls.

    It is a farm that produces some of those products that have become symbols of the Tuscan culture and the Tuscan food and wine tradition: oil, wine, honey and much more.

    It is a place where children can come into contact with nature, and adults can rediscover the scents and flavours of the countryside. There are many activities for families, schools and tourists who visit Tuscany with their family.

    It is a place that deserves to be visited because of the beauty of its setting, among rows of grape vines, vineyards, cypresses and rolling hills. Exploring it through guided tours, workshops or dinners in the vineyard can be a wonderful experience, and create the beneficial effects of people spending time together (it is no coincidence that team building projects are also carried out here).

    Finally, it is also an ethical business, capable of enhancing the territory and helping the social needs of the community.

    The agricultural holding

    Behind the Fattoria La Palagina, there is the Le Driadi S.r.l., which is a farm business based on solid values, starting with the family up to the protection and development of the territory.

    Come and visit it and you will rediscover the flavours of the earth surrounded by the picturesque landscape of the Tuscan hills that stretch from Figline Valdarno to Chianti. A beauty that must be protected, as well as extolled, and which has a positive influence on those who want to get away from the traffic of the city, from the suffocating sensation of smog and the buildings. 

    Experience life

    With tastings in the vineyard and educational days, our farm lets you try a more pastoral lifestyle, allowing you to restore contact with nature. An experience to be shared and replicated: smelling the aroma of wine, savouring the sweetness of the honey, admiring the golden colour of the oil. We take all the best that nature has to offer, and every single day we are amazed by its infinite beauty, as if we were children again.

    The social project

    For several years now, children with disabilities of the ODA Foundation have been actively involved in the agricultural activities of the farm in cooperation with the farm staff. The grape harvest, the bottling and labelling of the wine and oil including the Laudemio are carried out together. In addition to managing the vegetable garden, whose products are made available to children and families participating in the educational activities. This project fully represents the company's idea of creating a synergy with the territory and meeting the social needs of the community