• Educational farm

    We want to show children everything that nature offers. 

    Through the educational farm children can rediscover the importance of waiting, of time marked by the passing of the seasons, the influence of atmospheric conditions, learning to respect nature’s timing, the things that are part of nature, being in contact with animals 

    Often we do not realise how routine takes us away from the most essential and wholesome values. Caught up in our daily commitments, we do not perceive a detachment nor how little is needed to reconstitute a connection with nature.

    The beauty of nature makes us children again!

    For them it will be a return to the origins or a rediscovery of values that seem so far away in everyday life. The farm can be a powerful educational tool, thanks to which the role of the farmer, his wisdom and experience accumulated over time are also seen in a fresh light. The educational farm is an important tool for children but it is a project that can also involve adults. 

    The beauty of nature makes us children again!

    The farm offers projects designed specifically to bring children closer to the countryside. Through workshops and games, the farm also provides several educational projects for schools, in particular nursery schools and primary schools.

    Each path is designed to give children an all-round experience immersed in nature, and which involves all the senses. Through "Uncle Tobia’s corner” very young students will be able to get a first-hand understanding of the indispensable help that animals have always offered humans, with the project "From garden to table" they will learn the importance of wholesome food and seasonality. "Must and its stories" provides an insight into the fascinating journey of the grape, which from fruit on the vines ends up on the table; the "Giocabosco" transports the children into a fairy-tale setting where they will have to learn to recognise the plants and the tracks of the animals of the forest, and the "The Garden of Fragrances", which helps them to understand the importance of the senses and to actively discover all the aromas found in the farm garden. Children can also be involved in the "Compasses and treasures - Orienteering on the farm" workshop, which will allow them to use all their skills to orient themselves, learn about nature and fully experience it.

    Activities for schools take place from April to June. For all the details of the workshops for schools

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