• La Palagina Estate

    The 100 hectares Villa La Palagina farm extends on the Valdarno hills towards Chiantishire.
    From our land we obtain what the best nature has to offer: wine, oil, honey and other local products are part of the new line of our top quality production.

    Dalla nostra terra ricaviamo ciò che di meglio la natura offre

    The passion for agricolture and the peculiar soil, climate and position has succed in creating a model farm.
    With the love and care of old times and using modern technologies, we produce rare wine, superior extra vergin olive with the Consortium Laudemio brand, excellent fruit and honey.

    Olive oil production cycle is based on picking, preservation and cold pressing. The farm is mentioned for the production of IGT wines, Chianti DOCG and Reserve, white wine, Vinsanto and grappa

    Wine, oil and honey
    are part of the line of our top quality production